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Art Instructions


The following procedures will help explain the art formats that help us give your company a great quality and service when you submit your artwork.

Acceptable Software Applications:

  Storage Formats:
Adobe  Illustrator Version C3 or lower in vector

format and curves. Include any fonts used.

  PC formatted (preferred)
Corel Draw Version X4 or lower in vector

format and curves. Include any fonts used.

 (saved as .CDR)

  250mb Zip Disk, Zip file,
EPS files (vector format converted to curves)   Compact Disk or USB
Photoshop C3 or lower vector format for

  banners only. Must be sized to print.

  Any High quality Graphic file (.jpg, .gif,

   .pdf)    (These files can be sent   but   may require     

   additional   art setup and charges).


When submitting any vector files include all embedded files. Convert all

fonts to curves or send Font file with your art files. 


Send Artwork to: artfiles@ameramark.com

or  go to


Important Art Reminders: 

 If possible, send proofs of color separations for multiple color jobs

Please do not send an original file. Make a copy before sending.

All files must be saved in Corel Draw X4 or earlier,  Adobe  Illustrator C3 or earlier, or .EPS format .

  For Mac users, an alternative is to include both screen and  printer fonts.

All art and fonts must be vectorized and created in  outlines or curves. If using special fonts, send font file with art.


Multiple color jobs should be created using spot color mode  rather than process color mode.

All colors should be labeled with the Pantone Matching System (PMS).


Include all EPS and Tiff files used in creating your   document.

If files have half tones or gradients, please label it with PMS  colors or save resolution to 25-30 dpi.


When creating artwork, remember that our printing  process may require the "trapping" of colors on multi-color  jobs.

Avoid .tif, .bmp, .gif and .jpg files for digital printing or high resolution jobs. Extra art time will be   required to edit these files . (These files can be used  but   may require additional art setup and charges).


Do not email files larger than 5 MB. Large files should   be compressed by using Winzip  or saved to a zip disk then mailed or shipped to us. Call us to upload to our server.

Convert all fonts to paths or curves. (Text converted to paths can no longer be edited as text.)  Without this done we may not have the correct font and your work will not be correct.

  Include a color printout or .jpg of the submitted file

            Art Specs

Photo reproduction: In order for a complex logo, label or artwork to look crisp and smooth when reproduced, the artwork needs to be printed over the products instead of painting it. The printing process requires a vector* format like "Illustrator.eps, "Freehand.eps" , Corel.cdr, or a raster file* saved at high resolution ( 250-600ppi).
Paint reproduction: For a products that requires the art to be painted on, the artwork must be in a vector file such as Illustrator.eps, Freehand.eps, Corel.cdr, camera ready artwork, or black and white slicks for the reproduction to be crisp and detailed.
For a high resolution image, the image has to be created or scanned at a high resolution  ( 250-600ppi). . If the image starts with a low resolution, it can not be changed to a high resolution latter on. If a low resolution file is increased in size the image will get distorted and will reduce the quality of the print.
Layout Artwork: Art used for layouts or graphic samples can be supplied as an .eps, .jpg, .bmp, or .pict files. Note: These files may not be adequate for production.

ppi: Pixels per inch, also called "dpi" (dots per inch)

vector: vector formats are images in geometric separate shapes such as curves or polygons, as the size increases the program recalculates each piece kipping the proportion and the resolution intact for a crisp image.

Raster:  A raster graphics image, or bitmap, is a data file representing a generally rectangular grid of pixels. If you increase the size of the image the program puts more blank pixels in the image making the image blurred or distorted.  Raster graphics cannot be scaled to a higher resolution without loss of apparent quality. Raster files are .bpm, .jpg, .tiff, ,psd, and ,pict.



Vector (line) art works best for most products.
Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and Freehand work well for saving and exporting vector art.  
If you can't get the artwork to us in one of these formats we can work out other options. If you have any questions at all about art requirements just call or email us.

Most jobs will require at least some minimal form of art/setup. This is a one time fee that covers color separating, creating traps, film positives, etc. The closer the supplied art is to a print ready state, the cheaper the one time set up fee will be.  

We can give you an estimate for the art/setup fee until we see the art. Our art/setup charge is $45.00 per hour. Once we see the provided art work, we can give quotes for art/setup. 

Send Art to:  artfiles@ameramark.com


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